Basso Christmas menus

From 6 November 2023 until 7 January 2024, you can enjoy Basso's popular Christmas menus. We have put together three different menus, all served in the best social dining style ready to share. For an extraordinary Basso experience, we have chosen to include 3 hours of open bar – Cheers to the season!

Our Christmas menus must be ordered in advance of your visit. Send your inquiry now and let us make your Christmas celebration unforgettable. 

Christmas menu 3

13 servings +

948 per person
Welcome drink
3 hours of open bar in beer, wine, soft drinks & water
Coffee, tea & avec




Main course


Christmas menu 2

13 servings

848 per person
Incl. Welcome drink
3 hours of open bar in beer, wine, soft drinks & water




Main course


Christmas menu 1

10 servings

748 per person
Welcome drink
3 hours of open bar in beer, wine, soft drinks & water



(Course not included)

Main course


Beverages included

3 hours
White wine
Trebbiano, Umani Ronchi, 2022
Red wine
Negroamaro, Roots, 2021
Royal Pilsner & Royal Classic
Soft drinks
Various soft drinks
Water w./u. shower

Add-on: Cocktail package

195 per person
Add cocktails to your evening
3 hours of free cocktails in addition to free bar:

Bass Spritz
Passion Lemonade
Italicus & Grape soda
House G&T

Upgrade your wine package

+ 175 per person
White wine
Terlaner Classico, Cantina Terlan, 2020
Red wine
Barbera d'Alba, Fratelli Serio & Battista Borgogno, 2022

Everything you see on the different menus will be part of your dinner. That's why you don't have to choose between the different servings - just enjoy tasting them all.

We are of course flexible and take into account various allergens as well as religion and other beliefs in relation to the menu. Just write us an email with your wishes and quantity and we will help you. All our party menus can be made vegetarian and vegan friendly


Fresh ravioli – Smoked mascarpone – Panchetta

Fresh ravioli of beetroot with a filling of smoked mascarpone & crispy panchetta

Pie – Jerusalem Artichoke – Seared Leek

Baked mini pie with Jerusalem artichoke cream, pickled Jerusalem artichoke & seared leek

Salsiccia - Basil - Fried sage

Crispy salsiccia served with basil cream & fried sage


Carpaccio - Pistachio - Beetroot

Grilled beef carpaccio, served with pistachio cream, crispy capelli & pickled beetroot

Scallop – Garlic – Browned butter

Fried scallop, in own shell, served with cream of black garlic, pickled currants & browned butter

Portobello – Sofrito – Artichoke

Italian Portobello soup served with sofrito, herbs & artichoke


Creamy risotto – Mascarpone – Truffle

Silky risotto made with Italian cream cheese, black pepper, white wine & truffle. This dish is a classic on our menu & an absolute must try.

Tuna – Crostini – Capers

Crudo of fresh tuna served with crusty bread, lemon & capers cream

Potato frittata - Chives - Mustard

Potato frittata served with chive cream & pickled mustard seeds

Main course

Pasta limone – Spinach – Pancetta

Creamy pasta with lemon, parmesan, black pepper & lemon zest. Served with crispy pancetta & baby spinach

Pork brisket – Cranberries – Fermented pepper glace

Crispy smoked pork breast served with fermented pepper glace & pickled lingonberries

Stracciatella – Pickled tomatoes – Smoked salt

Homemade Italian stracciatella on a bed of fresh tomatoes & pickled San Marzano tomatoes. Topped with smoked salt, basil oil & fresh basil leaves


Amarena – Honey – Mascarpone

Ice cream on amarena cherries served with honey tuiles, hazelnut nougatine & cherry dust
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