Basso Aarhus

Skolegade 21, 8000 Aarhus C

BAsso Aarhus atmosphere

Basso Aarhus is located at Skolegade 21. The premises are surprising, refreshing and stylish, and the interior reflects the intimacy and informal atmosphere that you as a family or good friends share when you enjoy a good dining experience together.

That's what the guests say

In 2017, Basso opened in the heart of Aarhus, an Italian-inspired restaurant and dining experience for the food-loving Aarhus residents. Here is a small selection of some of the people we have given a really good experience at Basso.

Henrik Sørensen
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First time here, really good food, top service with understanding of the food, and the possibility to change their snack according to vegetarian preferences
Amer M
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Really nice place with helpful waiters who take you on a journey through the menu and really nice presentations. The place itself is also very cozy and modern when you enter. You can't put a finger on the food, it tasted really good and definitely worth the money. Charming dishes and packed with flavor, can only be recommended.
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Family of 5 adults, had the nicest evening at Basso. We got 13 dishes and a wine menu. Was well received at the table by the waiter, a nice young man, who told about the food and wine. It was an experience, as several people in the community are interested in food. Between courses, the waiter asked if we wanted to wait a bit for the next course and it was nice to have plenty of time and peace to eat. A super experience.
Ditte F
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We chose 13 servings and were very full, but would not have missed some of the servings because everything was just super delicious. We didn't choose the wine menu, but took white wine and red wine based on the recommendations on the card, and were definitely not disappointed. A place we would like to visit again if the opportunity presents itself
Troll Tanstrup
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Really impressed with the food and service at Basso. We had 10 servings and they came continuously over 2.5 hours which is suitable for us. We were completely full even though the dishes are small, but the flavors are great and we actually had to leave some of the main course, we were so full after 6 small servings. The service was pleasant and attentive and we felt really well received and looked after throughout the evening. The price of food and wine is absolutely also worth touching.
SV Nislesen
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We celebrated my girlfriend's birthday, where I had previously asked to have a small flag put on the table and we got it. We were served by a lovely guy called Lauge. His level of service was really top notch and you felt very comfortable. He gave us time to enjoy the food and finish our wine before the next course came to the table. Not the last time we come here!

BASSO AARHUS - Italian social dining

The menu at Basso Aarhus consists of simple and straightforward dishes with great taste that can easily be shared at the table, so that you as a guest have the opportunity to try something different and have several different unique taste experiences. Based on Italian cuisine, you can therefore expect to be taken on a long taste journey when you visit Basso Aarhus.

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