Basso Aarhus

Skolegade 21, 8000 Aarhus C

Basso i Aarhus

The menu at Basso Aarhus consists of simple dishes with great taste that is easily shared by the table, allowing guests to try different and more unique flavors. Based on the Italian cuisine one should expect to be taken on a long journey of tasting when visiting Basso Aarhus.

Basso Aarhus is housed in the newly renovated premises at Skolegade 21, which they have acquired after the sister restaurant KöD Aarhus. The settings are surprising, refreshing and stylish and the interior reflects the intimacy and informal atmosphere that you share as a family or good friends when you enjoy a good dining experience together.

Basso Aarhus
Skolegade 21
8000, Aarhus C
69 15 69 81