At Basso, you have the opportunity to hold parties outside our normal opening hours. So regardless of whether you want to hold a reception or celebrate your birthday, are at the head of this year's company party or Christmas lunch or simply want a festive day in the company of good friends, we are ready with the perfect setting for your party.

Daily menus

A one-day event will typically take place between 11.00 and 16.00. If you wish to extend the time period, this comes with an additional charge per person.

Do you want to hold a day event at Basso requires a minimum spend of 12,000 incl. VAT. This is so that the restaurant can maintain various expenses that are in connection with being exceptionally open during the day.

Daily menu 1

10 dishes

348,- per person
incl. Water ad libitum - still / sparkling



(Entrée not included)

Main course


Daily menu 2

13 dishes

448,- per person
incl. Water ad libitum - still / sparkling




Main course


Everything is served ready to share. We do not compromise on the quality of what we serve and make, e.g. even our pasta.

Our Social Dining Menus can be made both vegetarian and vegan friendly.

We are of course flexible and take into account various allergens as well as religion and other beliefs in relation to the menu. Just write us an email with your wishes and quantity and we will help you. All our party menus can be made vegetarian and vegan friendly

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