Group premises in Aarhus

At Basso Aarhus, we can accommodate 130 guests over 2 floors or up to 65 guests in a private room in our atmospheric basement.

If you are a small group, we have the option to subdividing the basement further.

The stable


Private room

We also have a smaller room that you can enjoy all to yourselves; The Stable can accommodate up to 18 people. We find the perfect solution regardless of the occasion.


Copenhagen Group premises

At Basso Copenhagen, we have many different options to adapt to the size of your group. Our cozy and atmospheric cellar can accommodate up to 74 diners, but if you are a small group, we have the option of furnishing and screening the room in several different ways.

Thus, we have sections that fit respectively 7, 26, 30, 40 and 44 diners.

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