Company menus at Basso

A company is defined as 9 people or more.
Everyone in the company must choose the same menu. 

All-in menu

598 per person
13 servings
Welcome bubbles
Coffee & tea




Main course


893 per person
Incl. Free bar in beer, wine, soda & water
2.5 hours

Bass Experience

498 per person
Most Chosen
13 servings




Main course


793 per person
Incl. Free bar in beer, wine, soda & water
2.5 hours

Explore menu

398 per person
10 servings



(Entrée not included)

Main course


693 per person
Incl. Free bar in beer, wine, soda & water
2.5 hours

Our company menus will ensure you and your company an exciting taste journey through Italian cuisine. Everything you see on the various company menus becomes part of the dinner. You therefore don't have to choose between the different dishes - just look forward to tasting them all. We guarantee plenty of food and a lot of different taste experiences. 


Our menu can be made both pescetarian, vegetarian and vegan, just as we take various allergens into account. Send your request with wishes and quantity and we will help you.

A little more crumb on top?

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Included in open bar

2.5 hours

White wine

Trebbiano, Umani Ronchi, 2022

Red wine

Negroamaro, Roots, 2021



Soft drinks

Various soft drinks
Water tap / sparkling


195 per person

Add cocktails to your evening

2.5 hours open bar in:

Italian Breeze
Amalfi Twist
Basil and Strawberry
Limoncello "Thyme"

Upgrade your wine package

+ 175 per person

White wine

Pinot Grigio, Lungarotti, 2022

Red wine

Barbera d'Alba, Fratelli Serio & Battista, 2022

We serve this menu up to and including 6 October 2024


Fresh ravioli – Artichoke – Leek

Fresh ravioli made with kohlrabi, filled with artichoke creme & charred leek.

Scallop – N'duja – Cress

Fried scallop, served with N'duja creme & fresh cress.

Parmesan – Truffle – Chives

Crispy parmesan chip, served with truffle cream & chives.


Focaccia – Tomato – Ricotta

Fresh focaccia, served with ricotta cream, pine nuts & slow-baked tomato.

Roasted chicken – Asparagus – Olive oil

Creamy roasted chicken soup, served with fresh asparagus & virgin olive oil.

Tartare – Mustard – Capers

Beef tartare, served with coarse mustard cream, fried capers, aged parmesan & crispy pasta.


Creamy risotto – Peas – Parmesan

Silky creamy risotto made with Italian cream cheese, white wine, peas & parmesan.

Meatballs – Tomato – Mascarpone

Basso’s meatballs in tomato sauce, served on top creamy mascarpone & topped with gremolata.

Corn – Fermented garlic – Cress

Charred young corn on the cob, served with fermented garlic cream & peppery cress.

Main course

Tuscan chicken – Peperonata – Garlic

Chicken marinated with rosemary & fermented pepper, served with bell pepper & chilli compote, garlic broth & fried garlic.

Mafaldine – Black pepper – Aged parmesan

Mafaldine pasta, served with roasted black pepper & aged parmesan “Cacio e Pepe” style. Topped with pancetta crumble.

Stracciatella – Pickled tomatoes – Smoked salt

Homemade Italian stracciatella served on fresh & pickled tomatoes. Topped with smoked salt, basil oil & fresh basil leaves.


Pistachio panna cotta – Nougatine – Summer berries

Pistachio panna cotta, served with raspberry sorbet, summer berries & nougatine.
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